Lola Blanc 

By Mandy Rogers

“Her name is Lola, she is a showgirl”, err well maybe not! But all the same, guess she probably gets that line spun at her all the time right! Oh well, I can get right up there and identify with that too “Oh Mandy” – OK let’s STOP that party right there eh!

It’s a case of lady bloggers united on this one! As I was alerted to the hot fuss that Lola is making by my blogger pal Erica at Electrocutie and it turns out that Lola herself is quite partial to blogging.

When she’s not doing that Lola is many things: singer, songwriter, performer, dancer, infact, you’ve already seen her but we guess you didn’t know it! she cameo’s in LMFAO’s outrageous video to “Sexy and I Know It”.

That should rightly give you the indication that everything with Lola is Fun with a capital F! Rather like her buzz song “You Like Me” that is some glorious wonky pop, side stepping the pop beat with a dubstep vibe and is jewelled with twinkling synths and topped off with Lola’s Gwen Stefani rich pop voice. Wins, me more interested than finding another Rita Ora Video / Song in my inbox!

Electrocutie and I are not the only ones to be bowled over with the sugar-loaded pop sounds of Lola Blanc, she’s in the studio right now putting together some more buzz to blast us with,  working alongside Jimmy Harry who’s line-up of pop greats he’s worked with include Madonna, Kylie and Oh Land (just pop’s small fry then!)

In the meantime, come enjoy with us “You Like Me