Lizzie Lee

By Mandy Rogers

Budge up a bit Little Boots there's a "New (chic) In Town"!

We don’t get enough female electro pop musicians popping up
on our radar do we? Well not of the type that play the keys, sing the sing and
press the production buttons, like – but we do have it all brought together here in Lizzie Lee and I have to
say she’s rather betcha bottom dollar very good at it.

Lizzie sent over her first full EP proper “Shudder” to me
which has just been released and it’s pretty much occupied all of my attention
all of today, since it’s chocka full of a high calibre of engaging electro pop
tuneage that’s simply worthy of nothing but the stamped approval of EQ

The four track EP delivers the hugeness of drum and bass
dancibility, on “Burn For You” but it’s not so jungley crowded that Lizzie’s
vocals get swamped by the thuds, her bright vocal tones shine over it.  

The Little Boots likeness comes into full play on “Ex-Lover
and “Shut Me Down” both sassy cool and amazing dance tracks brimming with
electrophunk tendancies.

Completing in a latin wave fed by trance energy on title
track “Shudder”.

Lizzie Lee is a talented one you should not want to miss out
on. Really!  - and since she’s fresh, new as an electro pop artist the “Shudder
” is in it’s entirety available as Free Download.

I’m sure this is one that more than a fair few of you should want to want to pop on
your play lists. Play it to your friends and get them all in tizzy of
excitement for Lizzie, much as me.