Graph Gonzales

By Mandy Rogers

Sometimes it’s good to hear a bit of 80’s inspiration breaking through onto the scene. After all, this is when the electro revolution took hold, but for once, we’re not talking about a cover version here.  Canadian Graph Gonzales serves up pure 80’s nostalgia with single release “Eyes In The Dark”.

One listen to this, had us delving right into our closet for our leg warmers and ballet pumps. Transforming us into an aged Jennifer Beales attempting a re-make of “Flashdance”.  You are spared a look at that! But you get us – it certainly takes you back to that day.

We feel the heat on it rise up through the sultry synth line and the instant the vocal kicks in, you’ll fully understand why Graph has earned herself the name of Black Benetar.

One for all us 80’s kids of old, and those youngsters tripping on the revival.

Graph Gonzales –“Eyes In The Dark” is available through iTunes