Lettie 2

By Mandy Rogers

There is nothing more thrilling for me, than to discover tremendously good new music that strikes out from the saccharine pack of chart hyped offerings bringing a quirky slant of innovative creativity which for the most part is lacking on commercially viable cuts that moreover, result in tired pop formulas that just keep on rinsing through our radio play cycles.

It would most definitely be a shame for Lettie’s music to go un-noticed in a commercially saturated world of pop, for one thing – listening to her forthcoming album “Good Weather Bad Fortune” has made this completely apparent.

London based Lettie, is described as a memory collector, whose obsession with collecting books, postcards and second hand shop finds has formed a nostalgic basis, for her avant guard strewn melodies that collate in her third album “Good Weather Bad Fortune”.

Seriously, this album is left-of-field that is quite exquisite and excellent, so let’s take the review to scrapbooking level and take a listen and look at some selective moments of it in hipstomatic video snap-shots!

From it’s sublime synth chugging, power opener “Swirl”, which is personally one of my favourites.

First take a look on the lyrics and see for yourself what or who it is about.

“You wanna be a star, you wanna be remembered for who you are, you wanna be on top, you wanna show the world what you’ve got.

“He’s got the power, he always wins, the puppet master as he reels you in, he’ll tell your mother to make a deal, the end of music, long live ITV.

Reality where is the myth and everything outside of it, if he exists to tell you all, burst your bubble, boys and girls”


Lettie comes over all Lily Allen (Cooper) on “Lucky


To a display of angsty, new-wave expressionalism in “Sanctuary


and the devilishly good guitar owning slice of  indie pop in “Pandora


As you can see from the selection above, “Good Weather, Bad Fortune” is a beguiling album of supreme quality, I only wish that I could have brought you tasters of a further two tracks that stood out for me. As Lettie channels in some punchy New Order style on cracker “Never Want To Be Alone” & suitably styles ode to the 90’s “Digital”- with street beats and boombox flair, but you will just have to take my word on it, that they are both fully electro delicious and totally single worthy tracks. 

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