By Mandy Rogers

From the depths of Myspace time a seed of music grows.  Seriously that is how long, long ago I first heard of the name Kash when he friended me on the once flurishing now almost graveyard of social networking.  From what I recall Kash was interesting and at an experimental level as an artist, dabbling in a variety of styles. What I do know for sure is that I must have felt a spark of some dazzling potential here otherwise I wouldn’t have accepted.

Through the intervening time spent, the singer /songwriter / producer from London has continued to brew up his own mystical infused electro pop, channelling in his roots both in eastern and western culture.

The result drops in the release of track “Long Way From Home”, a dance charged number of bass line propulsion and dirty squelchy beats. I’m quite honestly überly excited by this release in a way similar to that of Ofra Haza’s cultural mixture “Im Nin Alu”, that’s forever left it’s imprint on me. Kash brings the electro pop mystics with glo-sticks.

Kash an artist full of eastern and western promise.

Stir your loins with “Long Way From Home