Justino Lopez

By Mandy Rogers

Holy hot cakes, let’s meet Justino Lopez.

The rather dashing TV host from L.A has made a name for himself up to this point by showcasing new emerging talents via an  “Open Mic” style TV show, well as of now the tables are turning as man model pin-up boy Justino makes a bid to crack the music market himself.

In keeping with his Latino heritage, Justino soaks up sultry, brings out the allure with a sassy seductive vocal and splashes around with a provocatively bubbly pop formula on 2nd single release ‘She’s Got A Secret”.

Not only has Justino got me all a-swoon with his good looks, but he’s also charmed me with the steamy playfulness of this track. I mean who wouldn’t be up for a little slap and tickling of the electro pop persuasion nibbling at your ears, when it comes at you, űberly sassy and hotly pop evocative as this! 

If I might call this Justino’s introductory offering as foreplay, I look forward to the full eargasm hitting in due course.



We don’t want to be leaving it there now do we? since I hope the Justino affect has taken hold off  YOU, some of our readers also. We want to see Justino in action don’t we?……. Don’t we?…… granted!

Here’s a little showreel compiled on completion of a recent tour of China.  It contains Justino shaking his tusche and generally giving it large, cavorting raunchily with scantily clad back-up dancers.  I rather liked it!