There are hundreds of cooler ways to return than in an advert with David Beckham and Leo Messi. Yet when you throw a bit of Katy Perry in there, I suppose you can make it up ever so slightly. But when you consider just how amazing their sophmore EP was, they are entitled to a bit of a break. So really, this all doesn't matter when your new song "Civilization" is as levigatingly good as this.  Taken from the French duo's second album of the same name, they aim straight for you. They don't invite you on to the danceloor; they don't give you any choice. 

They take their childlike accured vocals and basting beats and mould them to make them better; it's as sweet and as slick, anthemic and pulse-pounding as any track of their debut. 

It makes you feel like this is electro's answer to Black Sabbath's "Warpigs". There is an epic introduction, setting the statge for something even more epic for the D-A-N-C-E. They proclaim their distain at 'a million drums; a million guns' carrying a pragmatic of their pain yet overpowering production.  

This is the dancetrack to the civilization of the world. It does them Justice.