I seem to be the last person on Earth to discover Julian Peretta but seeing as his brilliant album "Stitch Me Up" still hasn't been released in America or the UK yet, he's still quite fresh-faced in the world of pop.  In fact, the only place you can easily access the London crooner's music is in France – despite having major placements on a Girls Aloud tour and a Perez Hilton showcase last year.

What do I like about Julian Perretta?  Well, he's got a major Scissor Sisters vibe about his music that conjurs up huge 70s melodies that still manage to fresh and relevant in today's music market.  He is one of the only artists to heavily feature the kazoo in his music – talk about originality eh?!  For some odd reason too, Julian really reminds me of Paolo Nutini a bit, back when he was releasing videos from the first album, you know, when Paolo was really relevant.

Julian Perretta's debut single "Wonder Why" was released last summer in which you can view the video over on YouTube.  A couple of months ago he released his new video to title single "Stitch Me Up" and for those of you who like a bit of subtle electro mixed in with your honky tonk piano, then you'll love this one. 

Discover more Julian Perretta on MySpace or on his official website.  Although I have no official news, my instincts say Mercury will probably be pushing Julian's album to the UK market early 2011.