There are many routes into making it as a popstar nowadays, from being a bedroom singer whose life is transformed overnight by reality TV, to those that have studied, grafted and made their living through music modestly.

For those committed, passionate about their craft and industrious enough to stay the distance whatever, takes an altogether special elevated driven combination of aspirations, determination and ambitions though. The type whereby you live, breathe and practically make it your whole life.  To also have the magic ingredient, known as the X-factor of talent about you is one that should ease you along the way to claiming your place in pop.

Let’s turn our spotlight on now to focus upon one such example of an enterprising young man, James William.

Intent on gaining as much experience in the music field as he can the intrepid youngster has diligently studied, executed a work ethic of working performance through the Holiday Camp entertainment business and moved up through to Tribute Act performances for Take That and Olly Murs.  Such is James’s direction to fulfil his goals, it even took him through the audition process of last year’s Britains Got Talent.

In my train of thought, perseverance, perseverance and perseverance will get you nearer to your goals if you have the aptitude, the zing of pop presence and talent about you.  We can certainly credit all of these to James William.

For this rising star, James can only deservedly go further into the reaches of the pop masses in my opinion as evidence comes in recent single release “Lay Your Love On Me”.

Tidy jangly pop appeal. Upbeat, chirpy and instantly compelling in the striking and memorable stakes “Lay Your Love On Me”, is an incendiary signature pop mover that is so of a One Direction scampish pop vibe, that it is worthy of a breakthrough to radio play for the prospering pop star.

Take a listen, decide for yourselves and if your of the opinion that James deserves a breakthrough, help to get the word out by snapping up the brilliant track for FREE as part of his “Tweet For A Track” campaign, or if you’d rather spend a few pence for it on itunes and help James along financially for it’s follow-up.

Either way it’s pop worth having!