He Met Her

By Mandy Rogers

I don’t tend to stick my neck out and do this too much, but after barely listening to half way through the submitted music track “Take Me Tonight” by LA duo He Met Her, I could feel the surge of adrenalinised obsession already taking hold of me, resulting in a round of spontaneous oooo, oooo and oooo’s flailing from my dropped jaw!

This may be the debuting offering from the band but it comes as a result of a team of two working hard on establishing their sound over a period of years.

Band members with the unforgettable starry names of Rocky Chance and Mowgli Moon somewhat sound as if they are destined for greatness anyway, before they teamed up with Sam Sparro, Mike Posner and Adam Lambert hit maker & producer Jesse Rogg, to bring their sound around to debut track “Take Me Tonight”.

The unabashed masculine broodiness provided by Rocky’s vocals set off with Mowgli’s light and airy pop sparkle coupled with the heavily pounding synth cascading, arpeggio trickling, delicious melodies are almost too electro tasty for words!

Whilst some pop is most definitely good but nothing more than fizzy soda, He and Her have popped my cork and poured me 3 minutes of a great bubbly vintage nouveau disco champagne.

As they deliver this as a FREE DOWNLOAD also, we simply say drink it up & Cheers!