By Mandy Rogers / photo © Unsnap Photography

Bring out the trumpets, I have just discovered my new favourite pop band and fallen into complete electro-pop loved-up obsession mode.

The subjects of my present delirious state of enthusiastic being, fall to 4 piece Goldman – band of 3 musically masterful guys fronted by an equally accomplished and ear pleasing pop chanteuse homed in the South West of England.

It seems from my internet exploration, that this musically gifted foursome have spent the last couple of years getting their sound together, and have only just recently web –arrived with their own plot on the internet  We take from that, that Goldman are now primed ready to send their beautiful electro pop melodies out into the wider yonder of which we are only to happy to grab our discovery megaphone and shout-out their pop brilliance.

The blossoming pop foursome have evolved their sound from their earliest test offering of a Kings of Leon cover into a now joyous cacophony of a full-on pop urban blend, bringing into their sound base- pop droplets of Alphabeat, Ace Of Base, and Erasure. The 3 most prominent springing to mind.

We find this combination absolutely glorious and you’ll be able to pick up just what we are trying to convey in word, best, by listening to the chosen three tracks below.

Listen To: “Under The Stars” by Goldman


Listen To: “Don’t Forget To Breathe” by Goldman

Listen To “Catch You” by Goldman

So they now have their own place on the web, next stop we implore of you Goldman – the store – please! kindly make it really, really, soon! We’ll combust into a sparkling shower of pop glitter frustration if we don’t get to own a Goldman tune on our ipod in the near future!