By Mandy Rogers

Banish all notion of Spain’s island hotspot of Tenerife blaring the customary rave horns or traditionally Latin sassy salsa rhythms, or the island’s more characteristically rock tethered music preferences. It has been brought to our notice that there is a kick in it’s musical structure via a vein pumping out unabashedly nu-wave electro peppered 80’s styled new romanticism, and it comes by way of a resident duo called Glasherz

Throughout the past year, the otherwise not widely known about duo have been procuring their sound via uploading a series of demos to soundcloud to actively seek out feedback, resulting in a varying ride of kick-up the 80’s experimental electro savvy flashbacks, that skim most notably into the Ultravox, Japan / David Sylvian territories, linking up into today’s most current brooding electro pop activists Hurts.

Being that only days ago Ultravox announced their first studio album for 28 years, it seems that Glasherz may have unwittingly hit upon an re-opening and hopefully fevered re-appreciation of the dramatically sculptured and once forward thinking electronic birth that surfaced post punk era, as they now head into the studio to put together their debut album.

Step through three key cuts of Glasherz soundcloud history in most recent uploads “Everlasting Glow” that hit’s upon the Hurts dance / melancholic mixture. “These Loveless Creatures” that waves flag to the likes of the staunchly dramatic and elegantly glam Ultravox iconic track “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes”, through to “Cellophane Sea” that returns onto the path of Hurts-esque twinkly synth littered beats.