By Mandy Rogers

As we know Scandinavia is a hot bed of electronica acts, whilst Sweden excels majorly in the glitzy pop / dance bracket – what of it’s neighbours?   What of Norway?  What do we ever hear from Norway? Well I can’t say I’ve heard too much!

Bringing some of the Norwegian brand over to the UK meet Frost an electronica duo out of Tromsø that dig their kitten heels and drum pads into a chugging nu-wave soundscape of floating vocals over rhythmically pulsating synth backing, that quite stirs our analogue heart and electro head – as it’s something a little different, something a little a like our own Queen Of Hearts in similarity to Alison Goldfrapp that echoes back in time to the new romantic era.  

Key point here is, Frost is defining something diverse in the current electronica soundscape and we applaud it.

Go on electro-heads indulge and take a listen to forthcoming single “The Woods