Bombs and Bottles

By Mandy Rogers

Be prepared to be swept away into a night time liaison via verse and song from Bombs and Bottles, the brainchild of Brooklyn boy Harrison Zafrin.  

As Harrison releases the “Tonight” EP, sophistication is the name of game here, as you will find out. The Bombs and Bottles production gives out a sultry electronic performance, that will at first, playfully kiss your ears with sexy temptation, progressing through to a sensual full body massage from a smoothly stroked range of electronic aspects in – house, club and dubstep.  

Conceptually detailing the first flush of a romantic encounter through first glance, the hook-up and the done deed is nothing new of course, whereas Craig David sealed his amour in “7 Days Bombs and Bottles is on the fast track doing it in a matter of hours – leaving us listeners swooning in lustful admiration of his saucily candid yet ear perfected electro pop into the bargain.