SWOON!  Say hello to Emin everyone.  He's already a superstar in Russia (I wonder if he hangs out with Sergey Lazarev) and he's planning a UK assualt with his new single called "Obvious" which is a nice little mid-tempo ballad to make you ladies and boys go "awwwww".  "Obvious" is released on March 14th and you can see the Buble-esque video below.  Personally, I'm getting more of a Darius vibe then Michael Buble, and you know how much I heart Darius

Emin also likes to get his dance groove on as you can see as well with this little video called "Just For One Night", and well, all I can say about that is – "yes please".  Seriously though, if you're diggin Emin like I am, look out for his album called "Wonder" which is hitting the UK end of March and and you can find out more about this man of the moment over on his Facebook and official website

Emin, call me (makes Justin Beiber like hand motion)…