You know, If I were a female vocalist looking for a producer who has the NOW sound, I would most definitely start to seek out and woo the likes of David Borkman.  The Swedish producer has a serious sound that is sundrenched in rich, lush electronic synths and upon my first listen to "Mercury" and "Superior" I found myself literally enjoying an eargasm.  Fans of Starsmith or Stuart Price might just love David Borkman.  If I were Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Lady Gaga or Kelly Rowland, you can bet I'd be in the queue to lay down a track with this talented maestro.  Just listen to his re-work of Bananarama's "I Heard A Rumor" to give you an indicative of what this boy can do…

Take a listen to David Borkman's tunes below and if you are interested in learning more about David Borkman and "The Mercury EP" all the details you need can be found over on his MySpace.

David Borkmann – Mercury

David Borkmann – Superior