Concrete Rose

By Mandy Rogers

Concrete Rose know how to strike a pose don’t they? Well, believe me this über sassy foursome mean business! So let’s get acquainted with the London based lovelies Danni, Libby, Sarah and Kerry-Lucy, as they begin to step out and show out how the girls can bring a more R’n’B contemporary sound into the candy pop dominated world of girl group’s.

Concrete Rose are not only coming at us with their wardrobe fierceness but also with calibre. Amongst them, they boast alumni’s from the Brit School, London School of Musical Theatre and Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts. Yes, these girls are serious about their craft, but basically they have all been singing practically as soon as they could talk and have been doing it ever since!

Whilst we are in the early days for the band, there is no denying that they possess starlet quality with the ability to fill up to a measure of big pop harmonies between them. 

Best way to get a feel for the band is to take a listen to the teasers of “How To Kill A Ghost” and “Anonymous” and in doing so I hope you’ll find them to be on the hot tip of success that I feel they are more than ready and worthy for.