Colour Coding

By Mandy Rogers

Oh those cards of Aussie band Operator Please, have taken a break from the team effort and have been popping up mysteriously in various guises around the web since late last summer. 

You might have encountered Operator Please vocalist Amandah Wilkinson’s 80’s fashioned  fruity pop alias Bossy Love at some point but what of the other band members?

Well it pleases us no end to bring you news that OP drummer Tim Commandeur and keyboardist Chris Holland have struck up a double act and are calling themselves “Colour Coding”.  In truth we have been aware of them for a while, as a little whisper of HOT FUSS action previously here on EQ brought their fabulous infectious shimmery pop ditty “Perfect” to our attention and we’ve been whistling along to it ever since – near enough every day. HONEST!

Furthermore the duo have just released their debut EP “Proof”, which is a ear pleasingly good pot pourri of indie pop shimmer that breaks out into sunshine moments of goodness, as brillant as Miike Snow and as dream pop lovely as St Lucia.

Take a listen on it all below and you might care to notice there’s also a FREE download enabled on “Perfect” that pops up when you pick out that track to play, along with me indulgently sneaking in the video on it in here too, because well, I tell no lies, I’m a complete stan of this song.

Here's the UK link Buy "Proof" EP by Colour Coding

Colour Coding