Churches 1

By Mandy Rogers

Over the past few days I have become like, utterly obsessed by a brand new band called Churches.

A Scottish trio formed of Iain Cook, Martin Doherty and Lauren Mayberry, spawned from bands Aereogramme / The Unwinding Hours, Twilight Sad Fame and Blue Sky Archives, respectively.

The band only broke out online over the past month, debuting just one track “Lies”. However, in terms of a taster track, this is one that goes straight in at the jugular as a mighty roaring Goliath of sinuous synth strength, bulldozing and pounding it’s way through cavities and flowing it’s surging synth pulse into the veins of it’s host, with such vigour that warrants it as an incredibly exciting beginning.

This is a year 2012 kick up the 80’s fix, of penetrating synth flamboyance, held in New Romantic esteem to bands like VisageFade To Grey” and Human LeagueDon’t You Want Me”.

If this is just test run on a sound the band are considering to project, I suggest they run with it, for it is tantalisingly jaw droppingly terrific!