Charly Mae

By Mandy Rogers

Turn it up and lock in, to new on the scene pop peach Charly Mae.

Bedazzled by S Club 7, as a wee child and reaching for the stars, ever since. Charly Mae knuckled down on her studies and honed in her craft at an early age, schooling in drama, dance and singing.

The result at 20 is her pop fruity debut single with London producer Replay – "4 Ya Queen".

Tripping heavily on the party pop senses, scoring herself in as a peachy pop Cher Lloyd on "4 Ya Queen".  Charly Mae shines with confidence, vivacity and a cup overflowing of talent to bust some notice as a beautiful blossoming pop prospect.

This track is so freshly made that it’s only got a lyric video to show for itself, but fret not by the non- razzle dazzle of video cinematography on this one, when you hear it, you’ll want to sing along with it anyway and in a spot of added excitement on this grab it for FREE by subscribing at Charly Mae’s website.