By Mandy Rogers

This vision of loveliness before us is Carishma and she is being brought out to us from some of the biggest forces in the music business.

You only have to glimpse a look at her to know that she’s the full package, those exotic looks, that gleaming smile, but more than that, when she steps up to the beat, she really can sing, a song.

So quite whom is steering this beauty into a blossoming Urban Pop Diva of the future? 

Well, in the first instant mega producer Timbaland for one. A name we haven’t heard mentioned too much in a while, aside from most recently stepping up with David Guetta on “Nothing But The Beat”.  There was a time not so far back, when all over music land the urban swaggering name calling cries could be heard of:  Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, –Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, – Timbaland, Madonna,  –Timbaland!  But for the last year or so it’s pretty much been a Pitbull dominated world out there, so it is cool that Timbaland is firing up new talent in Carishma, dueting with her on what we feel is quite a Hispanic urban grooved up shuffle “Keep Hangin On” (Available as FREE Download from Carishma’s Website) as well as rumoured, his own new material coming later this year.


The weight behind Carishma doesn’t end there, no, no, it certainly doesn’t!

Amongst those out there with it too are JR Rotem, Claude Kelly and last seasons American Idol mentor Rodney Jerkins, a name synonymous with the highest heights of pop glitterati, the skyscrapers :- Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry and probably almost every other A Lister known to man.

We think between Timbaland, Jerkins and the stellar team surrounding her they are building something big, juicy and massively pop satisfying in Carishma.  We certainly heap lots of bouncy bubbly pop love on Jerkins produced buzz track “Glow In The Dark”, it’s as shiny and bright and round as her own self made bling in the video.