By Mandy Rogers

The effervescent electro pop of Capital Cities has already
spawned 3 EP’s back home in America for Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian.  However, the superb crafting and overall
infectious poptacular nature of their colour drenched tunes, beg that they not
be contained just stateside.  These
bright and electro rock tinged delicacies have begun to slink their way across
the radio waves of Europe and have commenced rippling interest here now in the

Capital Cities introductory offering to us Brits, forms
their debut self titled “Capital Cities EP” it’s driven by their breezy
California summery signature dance pop anthem “Safe And Sound” of which the
mellowness of melody melts into a dreamy whirl of PNAU like resemblance.

The EP continues to offer glimpses of indie pop character on
Patience Get’s Us Nowhere Fast”, a stirring mash and tropical brew of styles
and genres that tests waters and floats off on a Fenech-Soler current.

Rich in a synthy psychedelic liquor “I Sold My Bed But Not
My Stereo
” rings out and screams out those tones akin to Nick Littlemore once
more, whilst it’s creatively fresh and angsty at it’s core.

Sit up! who let the Jamiroquai funk in on “Center Stage
who? who? Capital Cities did!

The EP trails off to the iridescent glow of quirky electro
pop bubbles on “Love Away”.

A listen of this EP leaves the palate buzzing with a rush of
flavours, textures and creative illumination that is indicative of it’s
engaging appeal that has been capturing interest nation by nation.

Indeed, a metropolis of kaleidoscopic electro pop wonderment that
pop’s out a colourful tune to suit a variety of tastes on this one.

Capital Cities have built their foundations on this and
there’s so much scope for growth that the future amazingness our friends over
the pond are already enjoying are sure to be here with us soon.

Capital Cities - EP - Capital Cities