Billy Cullum

By Mandy Rogers

Let’s peep into the fantastical alt-pop world of Billy

It’s an otherworldly experience that lands this promising
star of the future into our eclectic mindsets as the male Florence Welch.

Giving rise to flamboyant soundscapes, Billy creates a rich
and rousing pop formula bursting with a presence of theatrical melodrama that
makes full use of his classical and arts background.

Currently at work on his debut album “The Wild Hour”, Billy
has unleashed some pretty impressive works already in the sublime and ardently
emotive “Howling” plucking a real tug of excitement on the heartstrings in
response to it’s diverse nature. 

Further demonstrating through the buoyant hit of intense pop
friendly melody on “In A War”, that this approach is all-embracing with a
defining creative flair at it’s core that is very much owned by Billy Cullum.

That’s my interpretation of it, however, whatever it is that
Billy is creating, it’s sounding absolutely divine and has an assured and wanting
audience in myself and other likeminded individuals, with a diversified outlook
to our music preferences.