By Mandy Rogers

Blowing in on the icy breeze of a Scandinavian winter, let’s indulge in some new fresh and cool.

Step up Charlotta Perers AKA Big Fox, who as her chosen name suggests is the epitome of sleek styled sophistication and beguiling enchantment.  As Big Fox, Charlotta weaves sparse sonic landscapes that overtly ring out a sound of a bygone era but also nestle nicely alongside the sound of the present and of the future, tagging it all round classic.

Let’s take a look at the snowy vixen’s new track “Boring Ones” which candidly expresses a dislike of idle chitchat, unwillingness to engage within it and being seen as boring because of standing your ground and ignoring it.  We guess that rules out Big Fox as being a “Big Fan” of Facebook or Twitter then!  However, she is willing to show out her spine tingling pretty tunes, of which she has quite bewitched us with. Afterall, that’s all that really matters here – THE MUSIC!

Let’s get on with it!

Boring Ones - Single - Big Fox