A few days ago we got an email from 24-year-old Jo Osborne, aka Alljook, and – lucky us – it contained a link to his album "Look With Your Hands", which is out today.

We very much enjoyed it, and the good news is that you can too. The entire thing is available to download from Alljook's website, for a grand total of £0.00. Actually, it's up to you what you pay – Jo rather nicely explains that all he wants from this is the chance for people to hear his music; but let's be realistic, a guy's gotta eat. So cough up if you feel like it.

Alljook's music is a welcoming mix of indie and electro, so sits slap bang in the middle of this writer's taste. Album highlights include the particularly electronic "I Can See a Time", the soothing and lyrically impressive "Presents of View", and the album's opener "Try and Not Need", which you can listen to below.

For more from Alljook, check out his websiteBandcamp and Facebook.