With their rafter-swinging, table-dancing live shows and accessible yet entertaining indie-pop style, London-based band Hoodlums have already shown that they’re certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Their debut single “Landmarks” is an anthem for the zeniths and nadirs of life; frontman Lou Vainglorious explains that the track addresses ‘the sadness of manhood and the moments of joy.’

It’s a track that certainly lives up to those noble claims, and ahead of its release London DJs and producers DPPLGNGRS have got their hands on it, churning out the remix you can hear below. It’s got the perfect balance of a great beat, whirlwind synth moments, and the deserved amount of prominence given to Vainglorious’s philosphical lyrics.

Hoodlums – Landmarks (DPPLGNGRS Remix)

The single, complete with the DPPLGNGRS remix, is available to download on 3rd July. You can find out more about Hoodlums on their website, MySpace or Twitter.