She’s been a busy little bee lately playing London gigs and hitting the festival circuit, but our favourite powerhouse pop princess, Robyn took some time out of her hectic schedule to have a wee chat with EQ about Japanese tourists, her new video and she finally fills us in on what the heck ‘Cobrastyle’ means…

Why Hello Robyn! Thanks for taking the time to chat! So what’s been the response so far from your new album in the UK?

Right now everything seems to be going my way and I´m very exited. I´m exactly where I want to be. I´m happy to be able to release my album here without having to compromise on anything.

A lot of the pop blogs have described you as a ‘pop princess gone bad’. Did you ever feel like a pop princess and are you truly bad to the bone?

I think I´ve gotten better. It feels like my 12 years in the industry have all been leading up to this and it just keeps getting better and better. And I always feel like a princess.

Your shows at Cargo and Dingwalls were amazing – we were blown away at how creatively you can use 3 sets of drum kits and a laptop!

My band and I just try to get as sweaty as we can while we’re up there on stage, I´m glad you guys like it!

Right before you go onstage…what are you thinking usually?

I’m gonna knock ’em out their socks!

With the release of your single ‘Konichiwa Bitches’ have you become one of those ‘Big in Asia’ artists yet?

Not yet. But hopefully the album will be released there soon. When I DJ with my friend Louise we call ourselves ‘Konichiwa Bitches’ and there was this one time in Stockholm when a Japanese guy came up to us in the booth and he seemed to be really exited about our name actually.

One thing that has always perplexed us is what the heck does ‘Cobrastyle’ mean!  How can we get it? Or is it a naturally developed sort of style?  Enlighten us!

It means your badass and your style is lethal like a cobra!


Robyn sporting her ‘Cobrastyle’…it’s da bomb!  We think Calvin Harris picked up his sunglasses fetish from Robyn…

Your next single ‘With Every Heartbeat’ is going to be released soon – Tell us a little bit about this track and it’s unusual video…

It’s a song I’ve done with Kleerup who plays drums in my band and also makes his own music. The video is done by a swedish company called Stylewar and it´s beautiful! You can watch it on if you click on members and become a member of my website.

So we love the video to ‘Konichiwa Bitches’. Was it a lot of fun or a lot of work to make?

Both! It took us about a year to get all the costumes and the sets made. We didn´t have a lot of money so everyone basically worked for free and on their spare time. But it was of course worth it, I think I never had so much fun making a video. The best thing ever!!! I think it´s one of the best videos ever made!

‘Handle Me’ is definitely one of our fave pop songs at the moment…what was the inspiration behind this tune?


We love how you cover retro tracks ‘Buffalo Stance’, ‘Push It’ and ‘Jack U off’…any more plans to give a Robyn makeover to some oldschool tracks?

I grew up on pop music and hiphop from the eighties and nineties and that´s really where my heart is. You’ll always hear me saluting those artist that meant a lot to me during my teenage years.

Huge kudos to you for starting your own label ‘Konichiwa Records’…any plans to sign on any Robyn-approved artists to your label?

Not at the moment. I started Konichiwa Records to have more control over my music. I’m not interested in being somebody elses boss and I have too much to do right now to focus on anything else but my own music.

Looking back on your career… What do you think now when you hear ‘Show Me Love’ on the radio?

I still love ‘Show Me Love’. It’s a beautiful song and still a part of my live set though it sounds a lot different now.

We love how you have two different versions of ‘Be Mine’ – a lovely ballad and a cool electric stomper. Why did you decide to do two versions of it? Not that we are complaining – we love both!

I wanted to do a ballad version of ‘Be mine’ and got into the studio in Stockholm with Björn Yttling from ‘Peter, Björn and John’ and recorded that and a cover version of Prince´s ‘Jack U off’ with Björn on the piano in 2005. We had a lot of fun making those tracks!

So you’ve been nominated for our Electroqueer of the Year 2007 award along with the other talented artists featured in our lovely banner. What do you think of that?

It´s an honour baby!

That’s it…Thanks Robyn for hanging with us. Anything you want to tell the EQ readers?

Konichiwa bee-atches!!!

…and for those of you still needing to be converted into Robyn fans – might we include a little video vault for you here to aid in the conversion process – Enjoy!

Show Me Love
With Every Heartbeat
Konichiwa Bitches
Be Mine
Handle Me
Crash And Burn Girl

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