I really am excited for Charli XCX.  She’s got a great song out now in the way of "!Franchesckaar!" that’s been on the hot tip here on EQ for awhile.  She’s got that style, sass and quirky girl appeal that really pushes the button and for someone so young (she’s still in school), her talent seems to be limitless.  She’s performing at Electroqueer@Barcode on 4th September, so make sure you come and check her out live.  I also got to catch up with her for a chat about all things Star Wars and her new single.  Enjoy.

Hello Charli – You must be excited that your first single "Franchesckaar!" is out now – tell us about the song.
Ekkk! Yes very excited! "!Franchesckaar!" is about typical posh girls from Cambridge who slouch about in their Jack Wills with all their clingy friends just being generally boring!  I hate people like that, with no life in them!  Everyone seems to think it’s a big jealous rant about some girl I went to school with, but thats not really the angle I take on "!Franchesckaar!"  It’s more about this girl who has it all and just doesn’t know what to do with it, so instead carries on with her typical posh girl status. Eeeekk!

Now you’re still in school at the moment aren’t you?  Has it always been an ambition of yours to make music.
Yes, still slaving away at school, haha!  Erm, yes I suppose music has always been an ambition, but originally I wanted to be a pony, not own one, be one, when i was younger!

Interesting…Do you have any other life ambitions to work towards besides making cool electronic music and fantasizing about being a pony?
Haha, cool electronic music, I like that!  And yeh, definately, I’d like to stay down the whole artistic route, maybe doing something in fashion or theatre…or putting together gig nights…or on the other hand, journalism or writing.

How did the track on your MySpace page "I Wanna Be Darth Vadar" come about?  You a Star Wars fan?
I was just messing about one day on my keyboard and it kind of came up.  But, I’ve always fancied Darth Vader, so yeah.  I actually got a Darth Vader costume for my birthday, but the legs were to small so i had to cut them off.  It’s more a Darth Vader leotard suit…how sexy!

Darth Vadar reflective of your personality?  Or are you more Princess Leah or a cuddly ewok?
Hahaha! I’d like to think i was more of a Yoda, but i’m not that wise!  Princess Leah’s hair was pretty safe though, ooo i don’t know.  I’m not really that much of a Star Wars geek… although i do have a lightsaber.  But yeah, Darth Vader is kind of supposed to bring out the childhood villain in everyone.  I’m quite attached to that darkness about him, and the song, so yeah, I suppose i’m kind of like him…haha

So we are excited to play host to you at Electroqueer@Barcode. What can we expect from a Charli XCX performance?
Ooooo! That would be telling!  But i can promise you lots of bright colours and wigs and magical things like that!  And lots and lots of BEATZZZ!

Being a younger person, do you buy records or are you more of a digital download sort of girl?
God, I’m so un-tech, I have no idea about the whole download thing.  I like records mainly.

Who’s the most famous person you’ve met since you’ve become Charli XCX?
Ha ermm…I don’t know!  I met the boys from Trash Fashion, they were nice, did a little photoshoot with them which was cool. I also briefly met Weston from the Soho Dolls down at this night my friend from a band called The Coolness puts on.  No one hugely famous yet, although I was in the forth row at a Russell Brand gig and he spoke to me in the audience…but I don’t think that counts as meeting, does it?

You have a long list of influences, but what I want to know is who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?
Probably either Uffie or M.I.A.  They are both amazing and their songs are so powerful, I love it! Definitely them!

Thanks Charli – pleasure talking to you. Any shout outs for EQ readers?
Ermm come and see me play at Electroqueer@Barcode. It will be grand manns!

“!Francheskaar!” is out now – visit Charli XCX’s MySpace for all the details on how to get this hot track.