Congratulations to Ellie Goulding who tops our latest EQ Chart with "Under The Sheets".  There is no question that Ms. Goulding is beginning to create a little frenzy amongst pop lovers as of late and I firmly have my place inside the bandwagon and I'm shouting "bring on the album" as loud as I can…

1. Under The Sheets: Ellie Goulding [#1 – 1 week]
2. Your Body Is A Machine: The Good Natured
3. Diablo: Simon Curtis [new – highest debut]
4. Bad Romance: Lady Gaga [#1 – 2 weeks]
5. For Your Entertainment: Adam Lambert 
6. Club Love: The Cataracs [new]
7. Sombody To Love: Leighton Meester ft Robin Thicke
8. Come And Get It: Loebeat
9. Pick Up The Phone: Dragonette
10. Don't Bring Flowers: Erik Hassle

11. The Sailor Song: The Gadsdens [re-entry] 
12. Sexy People: Lolene
13. Something About You: The Bleach Works
14. Place For Us: Reni Lane [new]
15. Panic: Xuman
16. 3 Words: Cheryl Cole ft. Will.I.Am [new]
17. Viva La Vida: Darin
18. Difficult For Weirdos: Robbie Williams
19. About A Girl: Sugababes
20. Who Wants To Be Alone: Tiesto ft. Nelly Furtado [new]

21. Halo: Red Blooded Women
22. Hotter: Parralox [#1 – 2 weeks] 
23. Bye Bye Baby: Temposhark
24. Heartbreak On Vinyl: Blake Lewis
25. U R My Girl: Kiss In Cities [new]
26. Without You: Empire Of The Sun [new]
27. Oh Solitude: RebekkaMaria
28. Thunderbird: The Golden Filter [new]
29. You And I: Medina
30. Somebody Tell Me: Muchuu [new]

31. I Wish: Mini Viva [new]
32. Echo: Girls Can't Catch [new]
33. My Secret Lover: Private [re-entry]
34. Orally Fixated: Roisin Murphy
35. Credit Card Babies: Men [new]
36. DJ: Alphabeat
37. I Need You Now: Agnes
38. Moving Parts: Mr. Fogg [new]
39. Boy's Don't Cry: KCAT

40. Raindrops: Hannah Schneider [new]
41. Dance The Way I Feel: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
42. Electric Lady: Tesla Boy
43. Fireflies: Owl City
44. I Want It All: Dangerous Muse [new]
45. I Love You Too: Haberdashry [new]
46. Hold On Tight: Jay-J featuring Akon [new] 
47. Boys: Abby [new]
48. Acapella: Kelis [new]
49. Vinegar: Anna Abreu [re-entry]
50. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart: Alicia Keys [new]