It's Sunday again EQs and time for another playlist for you of the hottest pop and electronic songs on EQ right now.  Congratulations to Erik Hassle for topping the list of 50 tracks this week, knocking Girls Can't Catch off our top spot this week.  Who doesn't love Erik Hassle right now?  Girls and boys are going crazy for him and his beautiful voice.  Every time "Hurtful" is played on The Box, I can't help but just stop whatever I'm doing and stare into the telly.  It's a gorgeous song and video and I hope it goes to #1 worldwide for Erik. 

1. Hurtful: Erik Hassle [#1 – 1 week]
2. Momma's Place: Roisin Murphy
3. My Lonely Valentine : Dandy Andy ft. Carmen Castro
4. Rocket: Goldfrapp
5. Thunderbird: The Golden Filter
6. U R My Girl: Kiss In Cities
7. Body To Body: Electric Valentine
8. Oh Solitude: RebekkaMaria
9. I Want It All: Dangerous Muse
10. Will You Be There: MiMó

11. Diablo: Simon Curtis
12. Somebody Tell Me: Muchuu
13. Club Love: The Cataracs
14. Credit Card Babies: Men
15. Moving Parts: Mr. Fogg
16. Boy's Don't Cry: KCAT
17. Number One Enemy: Daisy Dares You ft. Chipmunk
18. Sista: The Dirty Disco
19. Your Body Is A Machine: The Good Natured [2009 Number 1 of The Year]
20. Whatever Whatever: Rodrigo Moratto

21. Halo: Red Blooded Women
22. Hotter: Parralox [#1 – 2 weeks]
23. Suddenly: BT
24. Bizarre: Marc Lime & K Bastian [new – highest debut]
25. I Love You Too: Haberdashry
26. Starry Eyed: Ellie Goulding
27. Raindrops: Hannah Schneider
28. Pick Up The Phone: Dragonette
29. Echo: Girls Can't Catch [#1 – 1 week]
30. Won't Go Quietly: Example

31. We Won't Run: Sarah Blasko
32. Hole In My Heart: Alphabeat
33. Caesar: I Blame Coco ft Robyn
34. Here Comes The Rain Again: Coury Palermo
35. Turn It Up: Stereos
36. Amazing Grace: Boy George [new]
37. Panic: Xuman
38. Threads: Temposhark
39. Whatya Want From Me: Adam Lambert
40. We're All Gonna Die (Have Fun) : The Candle Thieves

41. You've Changed: Sia
42. Who Wants To Be Alone: Tiesto ft. Nelly Furtado
43. Dance With You: The Futhamuckas [new]
44. Situation: Javi [new]
45. Holiday: Never Mind The Stars [new]
46. Take My Picture: Johnny Lazer [new]
47. Party I Provinsen: Hej Matematik [new]
48. The Crackdown: Billie Ray Martin [new]
49. Black Cats: Bertie Blackman [new]
50. My Head: Jason Derulo [new]