Those zany boys from Ou Est Le Swimming Pool hold the top spot on EQ this week with "Dance The Way I Feel" and have bumped Parralox from the number one spot.  I simply can't get enough of this punchy electro-pop diddy.  Meanwhile, "You And I" by Medina continues to mesmerize my iPod whilst Whitney Houston continues to work it with "Million Dollar Bill".  Did you see her wardrobe malfunction last night on X Factor?  Loved it! 

1. Dance The Way I Feel: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool [#1 – 1 week] Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance the Way I Feel
2. You And I: Medina
3. Sexy People: Lolene
4. S.O.S (Let The Music Play) : Jordin Sparks
5. Million Dollar Bill: Whitney Houston
6. 3: Britney
7. Silly Boy: Eva Simons
8. Something Golden: Le Corps De Mince Francoise
9. I'm Not Your Toy: La Roux
10. Hotter: Parralox [#1 – 2 weeks] – Parralox – Hotter

11. Bodies: Robbie Williams
12. Runaround: Del Marquis
13. Pick Up The Phone: Dragonette
14. Oops Do You Love Me: Pandering & The Golddiggers
15. Tongue: MaJiKer
16. Be Togeda: Tecnotitlan
17. I Am Strong – Tiesto ft. Prisilla Ahn
18. London is Bangin: Disco Damage
19. You Should Have Known: Laura White
20. Blame It On The Girls: Mika

21. Everything Good: The New Devices
22. I Came 2 Party: Space Cowboy ft. Cinema Bizarre
23. The Spell: Alphabeat [new]
24. Panic: Xuman [new]
25. About A Girl: Sugababes [new]
26. Bad Romance: Lady Gaga [new]
27. Sombody To Love: Leighton Meester ft Robin Thicke [new]
28. The World Does Not Revolve Around You: Temposhark [#1 – 4 weeks]
29. Four Letter Word: Waterloo
30. She Wolf: Shakira

31. Viva La Vida: Darin [new]
32. Sad Song: Blake Lewis [#1 – 1 week]
33. Come And Get It: Loebeat [new]
34. Fight For This Love: Cheryl Cole [new]
35. Whatever Whatever: Rodrigo Moratto
36. Meet Me Halfway: Black Eyed Peas [new]
37. Friends Don't: Menya [new]
38. Olive Eyes: frYar
39. I Left My Heart In Tokyo: Mini Viva

40. Halo: Red Blooded Women [new]
41. First Train Home: Imogen Heap
42. Paint Your Face: Sliimy [new]
43. Demon Lover: Roisin Murphy [new]
44. Break Your Heart: Taio Cruz
45. When We Fight: Brad Walsh
46. Earthquake: Little Boots [new]
48. Around Your Finger: Max Vernon [new]
49. Critical: Soft Toy Emergency [new]
50. Cheat Again: Jaime J ft JLX [new]