Well hello EQs.  It's been awhile since the last EQ chart so I thought I would update you on this lovely and lazy Sunday afternoon with a new top 50 playlist as recommended by yours truly.  I'm still in recovery mode from last Friday's EQ Live too which was a ton of fun and I have to say this – Graffiti6, Johnny Lazer, The Bang Bang Club and Disco Damage are the nicest group of musicians I've ever worked with on a show.  It was a delight to throw a party in their honour – I'll be putting up some pix and notes about the night probably next week along with some new EQ interviews with Ali Love and Sarah Blasko.

I also made another appearance on Larry Flick's show "The Morning Jolt" a few weeks ago which was a lot of fun – Larry Flick and Keith Price are just so hilarious and they make me feel warm and fuzzy when I'm on the show – like a family of music lovers.  I absolutely love sharing my new pop and electronica picks with them.  You can hear a recording of the segment on the Soundcloud below.

What albums am I excited about this week you ask?  Well, fresh from the post and the inbox are new albums from RebekkaMaria (eek!), The Candle Thieves, Goldfrapp, Eliza Doolittle, Mr. Fogg, Coury Palermo and Shakespear's Sister.  Needless to say, I will have a great soundtrack on the morning commute to the office this week.

So on with the countdown – Dandy Andy ft. Carmen Castro is currently riding high at the top spot on my playlist with "My Lonely Valentine" this week and here are the other 49 songs that should be essential on your playlists as well…

1. My Lonely Valentine : Dandy Andy ft. Carmen Castro

2. Momma's Place: Roisin Murphy
3. Rocket: Goldfrapp
4. U R My Girl: Kiss In Cities
5. Moving Parts: Mr. Fogg

6. Bizarre: Marc Lime & K Bastian
7. Starry Eyed: Ellie Goulding
8. Amazing Grace: Boy George
9. Black Cats: Bertie Blackman
10. Will You Be There: MiMó

11. Somebody Tell Me: Muchuu
12. We Won't Run: Sarah Blasko
13. Club Love: The Cataracs
14. Credit Card Babies: Men
15. Whatever Whatever: Rodrigo Moratto
16. Number One Enemy: Daisy Dares You ft. Chipmunk
17. Hole In My Heart: Alphabeat
18. Caesar: I Blame Coco ft Robyn
19. Your Body Is A Machine: The Good Natured [2009 Number 1 of The Year]
20. Threads: Temposhark

21. Take My Picture: Johnny Lazer
22. Mayday: Tinashe [highest debut]
23. We're All Gonna Die (Have Fun) : The Candle Thieves
24. Telephone: Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce [new]
25. The Crackdown: Billie Ray Martin
26. Losing Streak: Computer Club ft. Frankmusik [new]
27. Epileptic: KCAT [new]
28. Love Harder: Ali Love [new]
29. Chemistry – The Bang Bang Club [new]

30. Rich (Fake It Til You Make It): Lolene [new]
31. Corollaceous: RebekkaMaria [new]
32. Oops Do You Love Me: Pandering & The Golddiggers
33. Alarm: Sergey Lazarev [new]
34. These New Knights: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool [new]
35. Stop And Stare: Fenech Soler [new]
36. Fight For You: Morgan Page [new]
37. I'm Not Mad: Alex Gardner [new]
38. The Living: Performance [new]
39. Haunted: Ben Montague [new]
40. Breakdown: The Bleach Works [new]

41. Operator: DJ Dan & Überzone feat. Blake Lewis [new]
42. Dream About You: Mopp [new]
43. The Ruins: Yes Giantess [new]
44. Stone In My Heart – Graffiti6 [new]
45. Paint Your Face: Sliimy [re-entry]
46. Silent Sirens: Max Vernon [new]
47. Pass Out: Tinie Tempah [new]
48. House On The Hil: The Funktuary [new]
49. The Radio: Get Far ft. H-Boogie [new]
50. On Time: Disco Biscuits [new]