The other day I got to chat to Shayne Ward all about his new album “Obsession” and his video for “Gotta Be Somebody” and I have to say, he’s such a lovely guy.  As someone who previously wasn’t a Shayne Ward fan, I’m finding his new album and single quite refreshing and I actually consider myself to be a “newbie” to the pop magic that Shayne Ward creates. 

In this EQ audio inteview with Shayne Ward we delve into what the hardest part about being him is, whose idea it was to cover Nickelback (psst Simon Cowell) and how he feels he’s changed and matured since the last album and earlier material.  I hope you enjoy the interview and remember that “Obsession” is out on Monday.

His new single “Gotta Be Somebody” is OUT now in all it’s sparkly pop glory on iTunes – go get it.