I have to say that I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Hoosiers and their last album.  The whole “Worried About Ray” sound just didn’t strike a cord with me if I’m being honest.  When I heard that the band were taking more of an electronic pop approach to their new album “The Illusion Of Safety”, I was once again a bit skeptical.  But with the release of  new single “Choices”, The Hoosiers sort of won me over as that track is just pure big pop fun and so far, I like what I’m hearing – they’ve managed to turn it around for me and voila, now I’m a bit of a new fan. 

So as fate would have it, I got Irwin from The Hoosiers on the line to chat about the new single and album, filming of the “Choices” video, whether or not they feel they are a product of “The Gaga Effect” and what it was like to perform alongside Peaches and Kelis recently in London – hope you enjoy it!  Oh and why not, let’s watch the “Choices” video again shall we.