Here come the girls!  

I met up with the lovely lovely ladies from Sirens a few weeks ago at bustling Balans Cafe on Old Compton Street and we had the greatest time just gabbing away about all sorts over cocktails and white wine.  In this EQ audio interview with Sirens, we talk all about their new album, which Siren has the biggest heels, their love and inspiration from superheroines, shooting the video for “Stilettos” and why they have chosen to do it their way over the years instead of the major label route.  

I’ve had a sneaky peeky listen to their new album and it’s sounding rather marvellous.  Their upcoming singles “Headlines” and “Good Enough” are staples that I spin at EQ Live and on my iPod and I think you’ll love their new songs as much as I do when they drop in the coming months.  With “Stilletos” debuting the sassy new sound and styling, Sirens have ditched the baggy jeans and urban look for a more sleek and sophisticated and glamourous sound as grown women proudly flying the pop flag…and I for one, am quite the fan.