Oh land

Ever since I got the remix package to "Sun Of A Gun" sent in, my ears have been loving the output that Oh Land has been creating in her musical landscape.  

The Danish born songstress has been very busy this past year and the fruit of her labor is all coming to a bountiful debut with the stunning new music video for "Sun Of A Gun" along with the release of her debut album which has just about everyone across the globe patietly awaiting it's release this summer.

While Oh Land was in London, I got to catch up with her at Sony to talk about a few things ranging from the filming of the "Sun Of A Gun" video, the origins behind her tracks "Wolf & I" and "We Turn It Up", what is was like growing up with "no rules" parents in Denmark and what it was like to turn in her ballet career to follow in her family's musical footsteps.  

Oh Land's next single "Wolf & I" will be available to download on March 13th.