Mike Posner is truly one of the internet’s music success stories.  Having built up a large fan base of die-hards over the years with his self-released and funded mixtapes, it was only a matter of time before the music industry took notice of the tidal waves this young man was capable of.  

A lot has been said and written about Mike Posner in the states already, so you can imagine my excitement to learn that Mike was coming over to the UK for his first show and of course I jumped at the opportunity to chat with him.  I was dying to witness what all the fuss was over this young man.  Upon meeting Mike, the first thing you notice about him is that he is all smiles.  The intrigue that surrounds him really has a lot to do with his personality as well – he’s such a cool dude and partnered with his incredible talent in producing pop music, it’s quite easy to say that he deserves every ounce of his success that comes his way.

In this EQ audio interview with Mike Posner, we talk a lot about his new album “31 Minutes To Takeoff”, how he balanced his school life with his exploding pop career, his massive new single “Cooler Than Me”, trends in the industry, and what it’s like meeting and working with Jay-Z.  Later that evening, I got to witness Mike Posner’s first UK show, opening for Bruno Mars, and I was completely blown away – it was one of the funnest gigs I’ve been to in a long time.

And thanks for Mike for doing this quick little EQ shout-out too – do what the man says…get your butt to one of his live shows if you can. Totally worth it.