Today is a great day in pop!  Electronic pop darling Lights releases her sophomore album “Siberia” and we couldn’t be any more excited.  “Siberia” is a worthy follow-up to her debut album which garnered Lights worldwide attention for her upbeat brand of synth-driven pop. 

With “Siberia” we see the young Canadian artist maturing in her lyrical content and experiementing with a harder electronic sound and the results are very well executed and a sheer wonder to listen to.  Make sure you check out her new tracks “Banner” and “Timing Is Everything” from the album which are my two favorite songs from this new collection.

In this new EQ audio interview with Lights, we caught up with the rising talent to discuss the creation of “Siberia”, her thoughts on new single “Toes”, her creepy yet memorable performance in Milwaukee touring with Owl City and why she is sporting some serious new ink this go round. 

Hope you enjoy the interview and make sure download “Siberia” as soon you can!  EQ approved!

Siberia - Lights