Joe McElderry is on fire right now with his single “Ambitions” which has just cracked the top ten in the UK this weekend.  I for one am very excited to get my hands on his debut album “Wide Awake” which promises a little something for all pop music fans.  Chatting to Joe was fun – he’s a very excitable young man who at the moment can’t seem to do no wrong with his winning attitude and high ambitions to prove to everyone why we chose him as the winner of X-Factor 2009.

In this EQ audio interview with Joe McElderry – we talk about all sorts of things from the new single, his favorite track from “Wide Awake”, what’s happening with his X-Factor mate Lucie Jones and we even touch on why he chose to come out recently and how celebrity involvement in campaigns like “It Gets Better” are important.  The interview is short and sweet / fast and furious, but I’d like to thank Joe McElderry for taking the time out of his mega busy schedule to chat with us at EQ.

Joe McElderry’s debut album “Wide Awake” was released on October 25th and you can buy it now it now at HMV.