Yesterday I got to catch up with my favorite male artist of all time – Darren Hayes.  Darren just got back from a whirlwind of promotion in Australia and although he had a little cold, he sat down with us to talk about a variety of burning questions we've had on our mind since he's been working on his new album – "Secret Codes And Battleships".

In our latest EQ interview with Darren Hayes, the electronic pop maestro talks the experience of recording "Secret Codes And Battleships" and gives us some insight into his views on the "decade of the female", music piracy, working with Penguin Prision and Fred Falke, The Secret Tour, why he organizes his special New Years Eve gigs, why it took 12 months to create the album cover and why it's important for male pop artists (like Simon Curtis for example) to identify their unique selling point in the current pop music market.