In my weekly clean out of le EQ inbox, I’ve discovered four new artists that are like totally EQ Approved to the max. All quirky and lovely in their own musical ways, may I present to you the following lovlies for your listening pleasure…


Meet Brad Walsh. He’s a New Yorker and he’s not ashamed at telling the world that he has a hot boyfriend. In fact he’s so proud of the fact that he’d even have sex in the street with him – as he sings on the firecracker electro rock track “Do It In The Street”. Le scandelous. The real reason I like Brad Walsh is that he has done an amazing electro cover of Stacey Q’s “Two Of Hearts”. All of the above are available on iTunes now and it’s definitely worth your five quid.

Brad Walsh MySpace Link


You know EQ just loves a quirky electronic lady and The Good Natured definitely delivers in that department. Still in school and packing one hell of a Yamaha keyboard, The Good Natured are on the hot hot tip. Check out “Heart Of Stone” and “Our Very Last” and you’ll know what I’m going on about. At first listen, I discounted her as an electronic version of Kate Nash, but if you spend some time with her music, you’ll easily see that there is musically sweet surprise hiding underneath the hair and minimalism.

The Good Natured MySpace Link


A bear and a skinny guy got together and became known as Lemon and have brought us one hell of a discohouse anthem in the way of new single “In The Night”. Thanks to EQ reader Ema who brought this group to my attention – I can’t stop dancing to them and their equally hot track “Unbearable Friends” really puts the needle on it as well. Look out for their album “Year On Mars” as well which easily gets my music allowance this week.

Lemon MySpace Link


A side project from one of the members of Bloc Party, the duo known as Pin Me Down bring something stellar this way in the form of stomping track “Cryptic” which is restoring my faith in indie rock, proving that you can keep it all on the rock tip with a bit of electronic flair thrown in to keep it bloody interesting. Already a hit amongst the critics and bloggers alike, Pin Me Down should definitely be on your radar if not for their great music, but for all things 80’s on their MySpace page. Their track “Pretty In Pink” is flawless and I love it.

Pin Me Down MySpace Link