Being that it was the era brought us into the electronic pop revolution, we do have a penchant for 80’s pop here on EQ and it seems that this curious, little French electronic duo Zebra Lova do to.

The band just shot me over their new song called “Dreams” and I’m really enjoying its punchy new-wave sound, which unashamedly takes bits and bobs from the 80’s. Bubbling analogue synths and speak-singing (not rapping!)

This dreamy example of a song really does set Zebra Lova apart from a whole host of others right now. In that I find it kinda quirky in overall nu-retro styled coolness. Zebra Lova have another track to their name which is called “Parties and that too is dressed up in their brand of french styled minimalist beats and charismatically charming speak-sing. If I’m seeing a pattern forming here, I am uberly excited by it!

Loving that Zebra Lova are marching to the beat of their own drum as it were and keeping everything down on the low. By going effectively simple and uncluttered.

I think they are tapping into some thing that’s rather indietronic magical overall, but by the same token abstract and off-kilter in a good way.