Newly formed Canadian pop duo Tiger & Bloom are experiencing the thrill of their initial creative endeavours as a two-piece coming to fruition. As both former artists in their own right, Tiger Rose and Rikki Bloom, felt what was needed to rejuvenate their musical creativity was to pull together as a duo, pool their ideas and spark off one another.

If Tiger & Bloom’s debut single “Hearts On Fire” is anything to go by, the Torontonians have hit gold with a style and accessible sound which is easy to appreciate whilst, giving of unabashed enjoyment. This is just a sweet song with an encouraging message of living out your dreams, which is flush with rich harmonies and carried on the steam of a pleasantly enveloping, dreamy melody as it’s guide.

As far as mainstream, accessible pop goes Tiger & Bloom’s “Hearts On Fire” is for the win. I have a sneaking feeling about these two. On the back of this encouraging debut effort I’m optimistic that a new encounter with pop bliss will be forthcoming. So it’s a heads up on the EQ radar for the Torontonian newcomers.