With their garage hued production and sultry electronic tones, London’s Temptress make for an intriguing new up-and-coming duo to be noting.

As a band who have become assigned to Machine Records, the same whose management branch looks after Years & Years, Clean Bandit and Nimmo, we have been a touch interested in these two for a while. Yet, the arrival of their 2nd single “Guilty Pleasure” is where our fascination with Temptress truly begins, because the smoke rising up off of these hypnotic beats are enough to see us cast under a starry eyed trance by them.

There’s no mistaking the way of the foxy coo, coo’s from Temptresses female lead vocalist lay in the same dreamily dealt sonic rapture which Aluna Francis has brought to the fore. Beyond this, the production is bubbling up with evocative soft peaks of velvety sleek, intoxicating grooviness which just makes us want to get our sexy on.

Whilst the majority of most night club themed pop videos are so cliché, Temptress have gone there early and put out one for “Guilty Pleasure” which is stylish with an edge of quirky and temptingly provocative.

The lushness in these sounds are so alluringly dropping in hotness though, coupled with the fact their voyage into pop is only now getting started, quite suspect it’s gearing up to place Temptress on the hot tip of things and to see their prominence grow through 2017. So take heed from this, with sophisticuts of gorgeous electronica like this be sure to put Temptress” on your ones to watch list won’t you!