Salt Lake City boys Strange Familia are making their mark through a signature brand of lusciously learned indie pop. Their debut effort “Odes” impressively went viral on the Spotify streaming stratosphere, which in itself makes them noticeable ones to watch but even more so of the music. Of where it lyrically stems from and the artistic aesthetic is gives.

In their quieter reflective moments, as demonstrated on “Odes” the duo’s soothing harmonies take on a wholly emotive quality that whilst reminiscent in part to that of Aquilo, also shine with a hazy aura that is most prevalently found in a measurable number of Australian dream-pop acts.

Keen to establish themselves further and expand beyond the boundaries of viral one hit wonders, the attention turns to the follow-up single “Ms. Badblood”. The duo formed of Brecken Jones and Garret Williams now bring into the equation an added dash of disco funk and surging synths acting as the catalyst to spark the flame of future pop greatness.

I think this track is just nestled in, right at a ratio of indie vs electronic vibes. Whilst, it will also urge you to get on up off of your booty and twerk some moves (if it is, that it’s still OK to twerk in 2017?) Lyrically at least, “Ms. Badblood” goes deeper and challenges the social norms of those who tell us how and who to love.

If someday we at EQ recorded our own pop song in this theme it would probably sound off with quite a chorus of bah, bah, bah in its lyrics as we’d absolutely stand firm and say bah to that notion. In the world of EQ love knows no bounds. But why would we even DO that when there’s many a great emerging band out there like Strange Familia who make a far better job at it than we ever could.