Here on EQ, we just, love being introduced to new artists and bands. Although, it’s not often that we are alerted to the Swiss music scene to check out one of its highly promising emerging acts. At home in Switzerland singer and songwriter brothers, Ivan and Gabriel Broggini of the alternative duo Sinplus have charted two successful albums. Scooped up multiple awards which include a coveted MTV award as Best Swiss Act, a nomination as Best European Act and representing Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. There’s a lot of excitement around them, and their next goal is to grow their success and have more of Europe including the UK paying attention to their charismatic style of breezy sounding pop music.

As we venture into spring, Sinplus, new single “Dreams” is just the thing to warm up more of the Northern Hemisphere. The Broggini brothers take melancholic indie pop to a whole new level, on the song. A peaceful sentiment drifts on top of an insistent pulse creating a sound that’s as sultry as it is breezy, while simultaneously pulling at your heartstrings. In many ways, their sound summons references to an array of artists without sounding like anyone in particular.

Delicate lyricism, intricate harmonies and interesting, layers make it almost impossible not to get sucked into “Dreams” and the Sinplus universe. The track fluxes between calm, hazy aspirations and a big, power anthem chorus which feels all the more dramatic when brought alongside the beautifully cinematic music video shot in Iceland. Sinplus have come to our attention with a thrilling mix of tuneful, edgy pop approachability which is deftly composed and meticulously arranged. The single “Dreams” has taken us on our first enchanting, breath-taking journey with the band, with finely written and produced tunes like this from Sinplus, we’ll more than likely stay on board for more.

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