Readers of this website will know this already since I have previously discussed this on the EQ Music Blog. Blogging music and helping independent artists get heard. Without a doubt has, become one of my favourite and most rewarding vocations in life. It is true to say. I’m more captivated by the DIY aesthetic these newcomers bring to the table. That I have an enthusiastic interest in independent pop acts. However, for the sake of balance. I do appreciate newly assigned to a label pop acts as well. I like to keep informed about these rising stars of the pop world just as much. A good way that, I keep up to speed with tomorrow’s popstars is by tuning into BBC Radio 1’s Future Pop. This is where I discovered the multi-hyphenate Irish/Scottish duo SIIGHTS.

Last week on the show. DJ Mollie King (The Saturdays singer) gave the Insanity Records (on Sony Imprint) signed duo’s latest track, “Fake It” its first play. The massive pop sound and anthem style the duo is striving for in this track certainly caught my attention. Since if ever there was a need for bold, buzzy, upbeat pop to come and save us from the impending onset of the winter blues. The time is now to introduce more of these colourful, boppy pop songs into our music diets.

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More to the point. In this track, the lyrics emphasize a positive, hopeful tone when discussing love and relationships. Sure they are needed. When the amount of heartbreak and sad pop songs being written has gone beyond saturation point lately. When I listened to “Fake It“, it was quite a shock (albeit pleasant) that I discovered the track was equally upbeat and uplifting. I actually did a 360-degree spin in my swivel chair. I was this ecstatic to hear a bona fide pop banger in so long.

SIIGHTS, Mia Fitz and Toni Etherson started out, writing songs for established artists and have been slowly establishing themselves as artists in their own right. They supported GRIFF earlier this spring. While I wouldn’t call the duo edgy or unique. They are, however, superb at bringing some much-needed bada bing to the pop party. I am, for one, enjoying bobbing about in the chest-height waves SIIGHTS are currently making.

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