It’s hard to keep-up with the extent of La La Land’s new acts firing out their pop guns. Seriously L.A. is like the mecca of emerging electronic pop bands. To the extent I’d happily wager a bet that when I get sent notification of a stateside artist or band to check out, hometown of L.A becomes a big mark-up point of value in establishing that they’ll be in some way good.

Let me cut to the chase, in a flip coin of dope or nope, newcomers Shallows come in a resounding dope!

For, singer Dani Poppitt and Guitarist/Producer Marshall Gallagher together have accrued a style in pop which is nu-retro cool and engagingly 80’s synth-pop cinematic, at least of what extends to debut release “Summer Sucks”, anyways.

Granted it plays out to a tad familiar, yet there is something of magic in the dark disco grooving composition of this heartbreak pop anthem which reveals of itself to be wickedly delicious and headily intoxicating, moreover.

All I know further to this, is that I can’t get enough plays of this down my ears right now, it’s like breathing THAT something special, that I so don’t wish to relinquish any of my weakness for languidly forlorn dark pop melodies any time soon.

UGH! I’ve just gotta hit the replay on this some more now.

If shimmery, dark pop and synths is what you’re after to get you through the next working day hour, make sure you do so as well, as I’ll be damned if Shallows might make a few more hit repeat offenders out of you too.