SHAED are a band in their infancy who are experiencing their first flush of recognition, owing much to their magnetising songs and burgeoning creative direction.

Emerging on the scene only last year, it hasn’t taken the band long to whip up a buzz about them. Displaying a knack for penning songs which are equal parts endearing, seen through with a flirtatious electronic pulse and melodically smooth vibes throughout. We might just find that the Washington DC trio are going to blow up big all too soon, with artistically energized tracks such as the charismatically alluring, femme fatale pop offering “Perfume”. The sprawling sonic formed, sophisticut “Thunder” and the powering, electronic-rock studded groover “Name On It.

Max and Spencer Ernst are the twin brother, production engine and pal Chelsea Lee, steps up front with an air of vocal confidence so accomplished and artful. Lee should be known as a chameleon of dynamics because she so effortlessly switches, style gears to own toplines with a range that spans an indietronic indebted sound to sleek future-pop and more besides.

It’s been a rapid rise to noticeability for SHAED since they put out the first of their tracks on Soundcloud just under a year ago. With an adaptable sound, that’s pliable and yet executed with the utmost vision it’s easy to become spellbound with the artistically, wholehearted tune-making and beguiling lyricism SHAED proffer, just as I have with their amazing debut EP stuck on repeat.