Freddie Clough and Jonny Woodley are San Scout a dreamy DIY synth-pop duo from London/Surrey. In their two years together, they’ve set up makeshift studios across the city had residencies at factories, office blocks and care homes where they have honed their skills in production. And, made music from bedrooms. It doesn’t get any more DIY or independent than with these two fellas.

When listening to the duo’s softly chilled electronic tracks an easy comparison to make, which springs instantly to mind is that of Aquilo. Unlike, the Lancastrian duo San Scout are yet to acquire the financial investment needed to raise their profile higher. Making their mark through a signature brand of lusciously learned indie pop has got them this far and to, radio. Recently, speaking with Wonderland magazine, Jonny remarked “this year we are getting out of our bedrooms/studios, and we’re hopefully going to bring a good, live show to people. The music’s weird so the live show takes some thought, but we’re getting there. Headline show in April most probably, and I think we’re going to the States for a bit – TBC but hope so!” (Full interview HERE)

A good way of familiarising ourselves with the lo-fi sound of San Scout, at their best is, to begin with, the new track “Familiar“. The soothing melody is carried along by bubbling synths that makes ripples in the mind similar to the gentle motion created when a water droplet lands with a delicate splash. And, also makes the perfect analogy of what the duo are endeavouring to achieve with their music. By making a delicate splash on the new music scene with their soulfully, soothing brand, of electronic pop.

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